Upright Canine in Michigan

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    I had stayed at my friend's place by Lansing for a couple of weeks and decided to take off and head towards the shore of Lake Michigan, up through Petoskey and over to the UP.

    It was dark by the time I got to Pentwater, a small resort town on the shore of Lake Michigan in the western part of the state. I was kind of confused at a stop sign and lurched to a stop, started and stopped. I looked up and there was a police officer stopped to my right. I decided to make a right turn, then turn into a neighborhood. I made my way back to the main road and took a right.

    As I turned back on to the main road, I saw a small hill going up into a wooded area on the left. I saw some sort of animal in the grassy area between the road and the trees. I thought to myself 'oh cool, I'm going to see some wildlife, like a possum or badger or something.' But as I got near it, it seemed to move in a very unnatural away for an animal like that. Sort of too fast and too jerky as it ran to the side and then down the hill. It appeared to be brown and reddish tobacco colored, and furry. It looked much larger too, more like human size.

    After I passed it, I looked up in my rear view mirror. The animal had stood up on its hind legs, and ran across the street leaning over with its front arms hanging down. Classic werewolf type horror movie pose.

    I had been planning on camping out in that area, but no way! I drove over two hours before I stopped. DE

    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal
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    The west side of MI has a lot of beautiful wooded lands on rolling hills. There is plenty of fresh water too. A good place to support and hide such a creature.
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