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May 27, 2019
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Quite a lot of topics in this thread. First is selling haunted dolls which seems to be a modern fad. There is along history of selling things to a ready market right back to religious relics and genuine Jesus finger bones in boxes of 10. Consequently I don't believe that most things sold as haunted actually are.
Do phone communication or ghost radar apps actually work? I don't think so but is very similar to the seances in the past where these things add to the performance.

I do believe that devices that detect magnetic or electrostatic fields work as intended, but may be picking up natural effects.
Ghost boxes have become rather clever recently but still use the format of scanning radio frequencies, using noise blanking and filters to limit inputs then pushing that through electronics that shifts the tone and adds reverb to make them sound more spooky. Very entertaining but the results are often what you want them to be. List 10 specific questions beforehand and ask them and note the responses and you would likely see a random grouping.

The Haunted collector John Zaffis has made a name for himself, and has probably learned a lot along the way, but in the first of his shows I found it amazing that the haunted items were also the antique items that were usually worth something, and his questioning of "This is the item that is causing you all these problems - what do you want to do with it" always resulted with him leaving with it for free. In effect it is (or started out as) an elaborate con.

I do believe however that objects do retain a memory of where they have been, who they have been with and their life story as such. It is also possible that spirits are attached to items, but that doesn't make them haunted, just that the spirit may occasionally visit them. I have experienced quite a few examples and can often read objects and places.
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Oct 4, 2015
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I had a table given to a family member years ago. Somehow that table ended up in my room when we rearanged the furniture about 8 years ago. I never paid much attention to it but noticed I was having disturbing dreams. I have always tried to go to bed with no hate nor enemies on my mind as was taught to me when I was young. It ensures better sleep and dreams IMO. That said I couldnt fgure out why I was having dreams of a wolf that was hunting me. Even today it gives me the creeps just thinking about it. I asked another family member about the table and was reminded that it belonged to someone who used to have a pet wolf!!!!! Maybe I knew that all along and my subconscious was just acting up but anyway I took the table outside and placed a lot of salt on it. Then I smudged my house and gave the table a trip to the trash dump where it belonged. I was told and have always believed that our homes and our lives are our own . Any spirit that tries to upset or cohabitate isnt welcome IMO. My family members who have crossed would not scare me nor should they expect to be welcome as this is the world of the living. That doesnt mean I dont still think of them and dream of them but thats about it. Just my experiences, fwiw.
So after getting rid of the table did the dreams stop ?

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Aug 10, 2020
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Hi Lynne
I just saw your question. Yes it stopped. Completely. It left me with more questions than answers though. I cant even think about it without getting spooked even now. My animal of much affection is the cat and has been for many years but I also like dogs and especially sparrows. I have a reason for liking them so much that is personal. I have always been connected to nature and I always admired the First Nation people very much. They were my mentors when I was younger .