UN says regulate US guns

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    Firearms are not weapons of mass destruction. A single gun cannot level a city.

    A money making machine, as well as a means of actually fighting a war. Harsh language does not a battle make.

    The term is "soft target."

    "Diplomatic idiots" are useful for preventing wars. Unless you plan on enlisting to go into the field to fight for what you think is right rather than let them do their jobs.
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    Sep 16, 2013
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    I disagree. All of what you say may be true about the shooter's mental health, etc. However, ISIS targets their "message" to trigger these people...they are fully aware of how to manipulate a mind that is on the edge of sane and their message is like a virus sent to infect those exactly like this shooter. Even without direct contact or specific orders, the "implied" message is to go out and kill for them. This guy used it, and they used him, as they will many others to come. When you throw the seeds of hatred out amongst people, you are responsible for who it grows in by Karmic law.
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    The sad part is: all those aholes in New York and their behavior is all Americans usually know about the UN. The USA is a member of the Security Council. My father was Field Service with the UN in various countries of the Middle East and Africa. His salary was unchanged for over 10yrs, because certain member nations did Not meet their financial obligations they had promised. He was kept under house arrest in Bangla Desh for 6 mths; jeep in West Pakistan hit IED, he was only survivor; I could go on and on... the other side of the story.
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