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    Navy drafting new UFO reporting guidelines

    I made the above post over a year ago explaining the military's long established flight hazard reporting process. Nothing new here. This is not an UFO reporting/investigation effort, although UFOs can be (and in this case were) reported if aircrew believe they present a hazard to air traffic. Over the years I saw everything from birds to an idiot in a lawn chair lifted by dozens of helium filled balloons reported as flight safety hazards.

    The focus of such reports, and any subsequent investigations, is flight safety. Now if the flight safety guys come across something in a report they can't explain or don't understand, they could reach out to other functionals (intelligence, operations, engineering, weather office, other government agencies, etc.) to figure out what they are dealing with and how to mitigate hazards. It's possible whatever was reported cannot be identified, and remains unidentified.

    I'm surprised a sharp guy like Rogoway doesn't understand this process.
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    Thank you for the info will read the links
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