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    All from The Anomalist site.

    Ex Navy Boss "Stumped" by UFOs Herald Tribune
    Billy Cox posts an article he says is groundbreaking on two major counts. One he explains at the beginning of the piece; the second in his Comments. That one has to do with "getting the Navy's top man to state for the record that we've made no progress in solving the 'AUV' mystery," and makes it very much worth reading. George Knapp's Retired Navy Leader Weighs in on UFO Reports, Need for Defense links to Billy's article and offers some extra information about retired Admiral Gary Roughead. Knapp further notes how Roughead's remarks seemingly contrast with former DoD official Luis Elizondo's claims of "many" UFO/US military events. But a careful reading of Roughead's comments might leave room for the apparent discrepancy. "The truth is out there...but you're still not allowed to see it." So Brandon Spektor subtitles his LiveScience piece Top-Secret UFO Files Could 'Gravely Damage' US National Security if Released, Navy Says. Specktor's summary shows some mainstream news media are continuing to take the subject seriously. Keith Basterfield further updates us on his efforts regarding The DIA, FOIA, and the AATIP/AAWSAP with a look at the Freedom of Information Act request log for the Defense Intelligence Agency. And if nothing else, the current Big UFO Story has now meaningfully spawned a new term from Eric Wargo: see the Tic Tac Gap and follow through for clarification! (WM)

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