Tri-state county study for new $18m doppler radar. My prediction? Gibson!

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Mar 7, 2021
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This one is more about the EXACT location of the $$$$$ Doppler Radar installation just west of town.
The spot picked to build it is one hell'a'va synchronicity! So read on and these days replies are rarer than any F-6 tornado!

The world's citizens owe a lot to the British genius who developed radar!

Robert Watson-Watt

March 18, 1925!

Enlarge the white map on the lower left....edited minutes later: This is not the original page! Grr!:mad:

Tornado outbreak of March 18, 1925 - Wikipedia

The Great Tri-State Tornado

Rated EF 5 on the Fujita Scale**!

235 miles on the ground (a record)

Missouri, Illinois, & Indiana

695 people died (a sad record)

Now jump to the year 2003!

Radio News:

A new Doppler Radar in the Tri-State area is coming to one of 43 counties in three states, IL, IN & KY. It will be chosen by a Modesto, California "think tank" looking for the best location for the multi million dollar complex. Citizens of Evansville, IN, in our Tri-State, had complained to politicians about poor radar coverage from the National Weather Service via Paducah, KY's Doppler Radar 100 miles SW.

Right after the 4:00 AM radio news I made this prediction 18 years ago as I walked across our kitchen floor.

I thought to myself, "Our town will get the Doppler!" I based that on the path of The Great Tri-State Tornado being a perfect place for it and our very lucky village in the direct path of death and major leveled destruction! I told my prediction to my wife that day.

Shown on the History Channel: But history tells us that it curved* slightly more NNE just west of our small Indiana town.


A month later this town made the local news with my prediction coming true. Guess where it turned before leaving our town over 98% intact? 2 people died here according to Wikipedia. My take: no one died in town!

Yep! It's turns apex was exactly where the new multi million dollar Doppler Radar was constructed 2.5 miles West in 2003!

My theory on why that deadly EF 5 twister changed direction slightly. My grandmother said the dead and the survivors found outdoors were covered in a combination of sticky orange clay and fine orange sand. The Great Tri-State Tornado crossed two major rivers being the Mississippi and Wabash Rivers. Spinning on 6 miles west and headed straight for our town it passed over sand ground approximately 3.5 miles wide. The giant twister became very heavy picking up Wabash River water and then sucking up tons upon tons of orange colored sandy soil for raising watermelons, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and various other farm produce.

MK IV ∆=⚾

** The Fujita Scale for gauging tornado winds vs destruction did not exist in 1925. The rating of 5 is the max, but The Great Tri-State Tornado was thankfully a one of a kind only a living survivor could rate to this day! :eek:
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