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    New here so if I'm doing something wrong just let me know.

    I live in Manitoba, Canada and this is the story of what I saw when I was a boy. Just looking for anyone with a similar experience to mine.

    I saw what I believe to be a thunderbird when I was about 10 years old bear hunting at my grampa’s cabin. It had approximately a 25-30ft wingspan (not making this up, this thing was f***ing huge) and stood about 8ft tall when it landed in the tree. I was a fairly large oak tree it landed in and it actually broke the first branch it tried to land on. I was about 20 yards away from the base of the tree and I felt the air from its wings as it flapped to recover and try to land again.

    The claws on this thing were like black bananas, stripping bark off the branch with every move. It was quite a sight to behold and it literally stopped me in my tracks. Its feathers were a deep, dark blue that confused the eyes, not like a sparrow blue, but its own tone of blue that I can’t even begin to explain. Its beak was jet black with an eagle-like hook, designed to kill. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was bar none the most intimidating thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been charged by angry bears before.

    The thing looked at me with its big empty eyes and I couldn’t help but wonder if it saw me as a threat or food. I raised my rifle just in case it decided I was the latter, but as I did so it jumped up and flew off with such grace I almost didn’t want it to leave. I watched it fly off in the distance, not even thinking about the fact that I would probably never see it again.

    When I got back to the cabin I asked my grampa if he had seen anything, and he said he hadn’t but he did hear what sounded like the whoosh of a boat propeller slowly turning. To this day neither of us can explain what we encountered that morning, but we both know it was no hoax.
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    Welcome Del. Interesting story.
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    Wow that is some sighting!! You give a good description too. I believe these things are real. There have been too many reports. I wonder if once in a while they just fly through a time vortex ? Or perhaps we are seeing through time? Thanks for sharing this account.

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