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The evidence we are living in a Simulation is everywhere. All you have to do is look.​


TESLA KNEW The Secret of the Great Pyramid: Unlimited Energy to Power the World​

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Are all these UFOs an Alien Invasion or has Project Blue Beam finally begun?​

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NO. S*it... No.

These are not aliens come to suck our brains... these are not a podcast...

These that are the Shadow Peoples... are not so easily explained. Nor do podcast them.

It is beyond my understanding that we choose to See... Nothing.

The Shadow Peoples are not explained by our will.

But be my guest.

These that are The Shadow Peoples... Hat Man..

They very much... care that you acknowledge their existence... Leave them to scary stories ... chase them if you will.

The Shadow Peoples very much exist. In this that is our time space....

They are the Mirror... that they are Seen... is the Point. As they have been to the far reaches of Our existence... should we choose.

Two realities can not exist in the same space...

This is not a ghost story... this is War.

Tesla's Most Destructive Weapon​


Atlantis Secret to Immortality | The Emerald Tablet & The Philosopher's Stone​