The Truly Bizarre World of encounter with real stick figures

Discussion in 'Cryptids and Creatures' started by ParanormalMom, May 18, 2019.

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    Yeah,there are endless different entities.I originally thought it was my great grandad who was a bit of a gangster in the old days,but it fits with some other peoples accounts.
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    No Its not unusual, I dont think so. When exploring my first season of hot flashes, I went out of body. It was a hot summer night during the rolling blackouts. Fortunately our power had mercifully turned back on. Galled at having hot flashes so early, during summer, hot weather, without a swimming pool -It was an accident unexpected & not planned. I pulled my arms elbows bent up toward my face , while breathing , annoyed at the hotflash feeling and then pop ! I was clear. Not interested in the moon or stars or other peoples business at all, I simply swam and flew as fast as I could around the ceiling fan / afraid it would hit me (& I would die)

    /I know/

    But I thought I would die /I would surely die if the ceiling fan hit me. I thought the ceiling fan would hurt me/ at some level swim flying around directly above the bed afraid of being killed by the ceiling fan / was not clear I had "cleared my body" and thought it was me flying.

    Here 's when the line stick figure thing comes in. See, a stick figure like drawn black lines spider reaches out with its stick figure arm bend line and it catches me, and holds me back and as it held me still the ceiling fan kept moving. I watched the ceiling fan blade cut through my body in the air between the blades and the stick figure black drawn like drawing lines flat spider was still holding me---- and I realized I was free! And I was filled with joy & realized the black line drawn spider was my friend spider line . after which I dove through a wall into the living room to pirouette atop of my rocking chair dancing, toes pointed to the sky. Then I flew right back into my bedroom, peered down at my prone husbands body watching his chest move up and down beside my body & I flew back in. Not the slightest bit interested in any adventure except one involving being in my body (& incarnating fully) Despite the hot flash and the hot night , I settled across my husbands extended arm putting my face on his shoulder and I matched my breathe to the sleeping dogs, calming down softly into the night.

    That unexpected night a friendly spider line drawn black line flat line figure was sure a great friend.

    The black line drawn figure spider like friend made the situation move from terror to relief & joy...
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    So is this black stick man really just a big shadow person? So we think it’s all the same type of two dimensional entity?

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