The Reoccuring Woman in my Dreams

Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by TeflikMoney11, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Dreams are something which have constantly fascinated me. They feel so real, so vivid and almost other worldly. The woes of this world can be dropped and forgotten about and anything can become possible in the dream world. I am naturally a very vivid dreamer and this bizarre six month ordeal occured last year.

    I encountered a woman one night in my dreams. I was in a large European city, in the town square and there was immense celebration. I was ushered into a night club where I met celebrities and famous politicians, none of who were from the waking world. There was a good atmosphere and it was at this point where I met a young woman of a similar age named Tallulah. She was blonde and blue eyed and I suddenly felt a connection to her, like something I had never experienced before. We were close, almost as if we already knew everything about one another and as I woke up from that dream I felt almost sad about the fact this woman was not real and I would never encounter her again, oh how I was wrong.

    She appeared the next night though, in my next vivid dream, and as I woke up the next morning I decided to keep a dream journal. Every morning as soon as I woke up I wrote every detail I could remember about my dream. This Tallulah character stayed with me in every dream. I was writing entries daily and each entry would mention Tallulah at some point.

    The tones of the dreams would vary. Tallulah and I would be best friends some nights, others we would hate one another and there would be conflict and turmoil between others, and occasionally there was a sexual element between us.

    It got to the point where I was distracted in my waking life. I had constant thoughts about who this woman was, why was she occuring in my dreams every single night. Was it some kind of warning or message?

    I started conducting research and the best I found out was that it was some kind of anima. A projection of my female side making itself apparent through my dreams. I was Tallulah. There is an alternate version known as animus where a female's masculine side is projected.

    I don't know whether it was my anima or just my brain conjuring up some woman of my dreams, or something more malicious, but it was a bizarre few months and I managed to document everything in my dream journal. Six months it lasted and then one day I just stopped logging my dreams and took a 4 month hiatus in regard to the dream journal. Tallulah faded, the intensity of my dreams subsided and things calmed down.

    Dreams are incredibly fascinating to me. The fact our brain can create such vivid realistic worlds, characters and events when it is resting is utterly amazing. I haven't encountered the woman any further but I have continued with my dream journal. I just thought I would share this experience and see if anyone has experienced anything similar.
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    I used to have a similar dream when younger with a beautiful women that I had great feelings and love for.I thought she was my soul mate,but years later my daughter was born and now is the spitting image of the girl in my dreams.I wonder if it was her spirit calling me before birth.
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    Hi guys. Both of you have good accounts. I don’t know much about this topic on a personal level. I have trouble remembering my dreams even to keep a journal. Whiskey I though it might be your spirit guide communicating with you. Was your life under stress at the time ? Just an alternative idea.
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