The Most Common Life Regrets

I am really fortunate. I made most of those mistakes when I was young and then tossed all of them aside. I think that my Dad made nearly all of those mistakes. I remember deciding that was NOT how I was going to do that. He always put off so many of the pleasures because he was more concerned about honor and doing things RIGHT that he missed out on a lot of things.
Can I share a funny story about my dad? Once, when he was critically ill and not expected to survive, he told my mom that his biggest regret in recent years was not having a dog.

But then he got better, and after a while Mom asked him if he was ready to get a dog. He said, "Don't be silly, honey, we travel way too much to have a dog!"
The world has gone through a lot of changes in the last hundred years and with those changes came changes in people. When my Dad was young friends and family were VERY important. A man could be born, live and die and never once be more than a hundred miles from that home place. WW2 changed a lot of that.
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