The Lovers card and window to another world dream.

Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by Fantasio Inferno, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Oct 18, 2018
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    Many energies have been present for a while now. Intense feelings and intense memories from the life of a higher mind.

    I've asked for a higher power to answer to me through dreams. And the answer I got was in yesterday's night dream, which I saw a white shirt with The Lovers tarot card imprinted on, which supposedly belonged to me and I was about to put it on. I don't know why I would expressiont card in a dream to an answer to a prayer. Would anyone know?

    Besides that, the dream continued on to what seemed as a blue crystal thin wall floating above my head, I suddenly flew up to this wall, and found out a window I could get in through. This didn't seem unfamiliar to me though, it's like I had seen it before.

    I looked inside the window, and saw a royal egyptian styled room. Flying inside, I immediately felt safe and serene, forgetting my reality and emotions. I saw a woman who Ive never met before but felt like she was a dear friend of mine, she smiled warmly at me from over the golden-red couch she was sitting on.

    She looked like a queen by her looks. No, she was not Cleopatra or anything like that. She simply looked like a royalty with light clothes on and golden accesories. Coming over at me, she greeted me:

    "You've returned". Were her words.

    We sat down, and she told me all about my life here on this world, in that little while I felt that I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in a long time. I can't remember her name or what exactly that place was. I only remember that this room did not have time or space, as well as that it was always above me and I could visit her anytime I wanted.

    Small useless detail that I remember about her: A humorous individual with a determined expression, wisely confident mindset, and the strong laughter of a lioness.

    Any ideas of what this all could be?
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    Paint man is the guy to ask for dream interpretation so perhaps he will weigh in.

    It is said our spirits travel out of body at night. Perhaps this is what you were doing and for whatever reason you were able to remember the event.

    Regardless if this was real or dreamed looking for the message is what is important in my opinion. Perhaps look at what’s going on in your life and if this relates at all? You visited a safe place and talked about your life, did you resolve any issues? Do you feel better since having this experience ? Do you have resolve about what course you are on or are you taking a new road? I think what you take away from this is what is important. I would journal the entire event before you forget the details, you may get more insight as time goes on.
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    I have been in a months-long dream drought. And I would love to have had a dream such as this. It is rich with symbolism and therefore must be extremely meaningful. When I try to interpret my dreams I always view them as a commentary on my current situation. This is much the same frame of mind I take when using the tarot.

    I am curious about the white shirt with the Lovers card imprinted on it. I am assuming from your other posts that you are familiar with the meaning of this card. You also said that you were about to put it on. Did you? I think that in itself may be highly significant. Perhaps everything that follows could be interpreted within the context of the answer to that question.
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