The Lost Key in the Thal Desert.

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    Punjab region - Pakistan.

    An ancient story exists in this area;

    It is said that a God from the skies once visited here, and gave the king of the area a special key. he also helped the king - one of which was to carve a canal through a mountain to bring water to the area, This so the story goes was done by using a "Glowing Axe".

    The God then left the king with the key - which he entrusted to his daughter - who then lost it in the sand!

    The key was not recovered and remains lost.

    I can't find the original version of the story now since I read it some years ago. It would be god to find it again as I've probably left some bits out.
    I found the gift of the key interesting as they never found out what it was used for, and the carving of a mountain with a glowing axe was interesting.

    It's not a religious story, or have any moral or any direction really - It's just a story that does not make much sense, so no idea why it has been retold down the centuries.....unless there is some truth to it.

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