The Heat is On...

Reminder to all pet owners: Don't leave dogs and cats outside in this heat. If you must, be sure they have plenty of fresh water, shade, and even a small children's pool to lie around in. Some breeds are especially sensitive to heat, including most bully breeds such as bulldogs as they can't cool themselves.
When I was a kid dogs were out year round but not now, and they say the climate isn't different :rolleyes:.
Here's a "Did You Know" on peppermint essential oil....if you spray it around your pool or camp area it keeps mosquitos away.
Fleas ! Fleas don't like peppermint oil.
My house smells like bubble gum.

I always try to eat three gallons of salad every week. So I'm not going to change now. I might change out the egg whites for diced ham. A little bit of salt is refreshing .

The herbs are starting to get bigger and there may be a vinaigrette in my future.

I remember the day that I can't take heat anymore. That was the bayonette course at Fort Knox. 115° heat / humidity index. I'm still tired. Last year I spent the summer heat with anemia. This year is going to be a walk in the park !
For some reason it sounds hot and humid. I lived up the coast for 10 months and while it's not as hot as out west the humidity is unbearable.
The humidity is the thing that really gets me. Arthritis flares up. Work and sports injuries. Boy they come back to bite you again.
No fun.
Steve, somewhere around 3,000 years ago I used to be a pretty good bodybuilder. Won a Mr. USA. There are a few guys from the gym that I used to train with or compete against and we are all trying to help each other with this old-age stuff.

We all want to be able to do our hobbies when we turn 80. I want to be able to walk a golf course and carry my bag. My buddy wants to keep bowling. Another guy turned into one of those cardio people....

I guess the point is that it's pretty cool that here we are so many decades later , and still trying to help each other out.
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It's currently 92 here with 52% humidity. It's still hot but it feels even lesser so than last Wednesday. I was partially soaked when I walked back in for the day and made a quick change of clothes. But lolz, at least my hair wasn't a complete disaster this time around.
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