The Bell Witch and Adams, TN

My recent experiences at Adams while taking photos.

Adams, Tennessee and the Bell Witch |

Nice. Your photos really come to life in a unique way. I will be sure to check out your other articles. I have driven some of the backroads of West Virginia through old, largely abandoned coal towns and have always regretted not having a camera with me. The Appalachians are a region that deserves more attention than it gets. Thanks for posting.
Beautiful pics as always. You are documenting America.
My mother-in-law let me borrow her Bell Witch book she had growing up (she's from Springfield TN) and I felt such a weird energy from the book, I left it out in the garage until we returned it the following week. Excited to read this article.
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I remember first hearing about the Bell Witch when I moved to Nashville, it was a local legend so lots of people shared it with me. I was curious about the legend and was debating whether or not I should make the drive to check out the cave for myself, but I also felt a little foolish for even considering the idea. I was still in my transition phase from being a hard-core skeptic to believing thing like this can and do exist, so I was torn. I never went and kinda wish I had.

As a funny side note, several years later the movie "The Blair Witch Project" came out. Due to the viral marketing campaign I heard about the movie from other people without actually seeing any direct advertising. I was excited to see it because I misheard the name thought it was an actual documentary about the Bell Witch, even to the point of telling people that I used to live near the cave where this took place. It wasn't until I got to the theater and was buying a ticket when I saw that it was Blair witch and not Bell Witch.