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May 27, 2019
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I suppose I've found a few strange things in my time.
I was putting in fence posts between next door and our property when I had to try again as it didn't go in straight. When I took it out the hole started filling up. Putting my hand in it it smelled of heating oil. I had just found my neighbours heating oil pipe running under our property.
I found a vase full of cash on sale at a car boot sale. Being the honest guy I am I gave it to the sellers and I think it made their day. Probably from a house clearance.
At another car boot sale someone was selling a rusty canister they had just dug up when building a garage in Lincoln. When I informed them it looked like a WW1 training bomb they were less than impressed as they then had the trouble of dealing with it.
I've opened quite a few safes where the spare key was waiting inside.
I've found a pair of iron scissors buried under the front doorstep of a rectory, and more iron under the side gate.
I found a book on witchcraft at a church jumble sale. I bought it naturally.

One thing I discovered in an antique shop was the handle of a cane or walking stick. It was only about a foot long now as it had been used as a fire poker, but the handle was carved into 3 monkeys. Behind these was a steel flap, and it looked like something had burned in there. The monkeys had open mouths and whatever was inside the secret compartment seemed to come out through the mouths of the monkeys. I'm still not sure what this was. A firelighter maybe? It wasn't robust enough to be a weapon. Still a mystery.

Another thing I found in an old toolbox was the steel stamp used to identify products manufactured for the war department with a "W" or crowfoot. There can't be many of those.
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