That's a "Croc"...

i have full faced and half helmets (skull cap, beanie, etc...) and will admit i wear the half helmet more often than the full faced. georgia has a helmet law but even if it didnt i would still wear some type of head protection, south carolina and florida both dont have helmet laws and its not uncommon to see people riding without them, and on the coastal routes in shorts and tanktops.
Locally he did not wear one. Once he got near or on I-4 i believe...then helmet on lol. Tons of nutballs out there lol.
I almost took out one of those idiots. Tried passing me on the left while i was making a LEFT turn lol. idiot. He almost face planted into my mirror and came soo close to dumping the bike at probably 70mph.
one of the other things i dont agree with is lane splitting. too many people take advantage of it and your experiance is the outcome. seen too many riders on sport bikes try to split lanes at 40 plus mph at lights or in traffic when its supposed to be only used when traffic is below something like 15 mph or at a dead standstill. ive had sport bikes pass me on the expressway at well over 100 mph. sad thing is these kids will go in and buy a hyabusa and not have the experiance to ride it. mix that with lack of focus, idiots in cars not paying attention, people on their phones and its only a matter of time...... i started out on a honda 250 for a couple years before moving up to anything above 800cc. my current bike is an 800cc and i also have another 250cc just for fun i picked up a few years ago. i love the old 70's era bikes 250 to 600 or so cafe racer styles. love the machines, the traditions and the styles, too many kids now just want the speed. motorcycles and riding is fun, but you have to respect the machine. you either love it or hate it. anything in between is dangerous.
You nearly always hit your head if you come off, It's like not wearing a seatbelt in a car so good on you Ragnar.
i dont like seatbelts........ lol..... while i do wear a helmet. and would encourage anyone else to do the same. i also agree that it should be up to individual choice. laws to govern every single aspect of our entire lives is opening a can of worms that never ends.
This is what I ride Paul! My baby…


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