Summoned UFO Visitation

CE5 people have a similar theory. Very interesting :D
Oh, this was a good one, I can so see a 14-year-old trying this and it was told in a believable manner. I tried to glean from the story if these things wanted to take the opportunity to make contact with an openminded harmless 14-year-old or if they seized on someone who agreed to allow them access. I was unable to determine their intentions from this account but if being dragged out of bed by your heals doesn't sound cold hearted, I don't know what does. He most likely got abducted. I would love to hear a report of a regression with this guy. Maybe they showed him how to fly the ship or why they are here. Most likely they implanted him and took some DNA samples. He is lucky he has not been bothered since, or at least that he is aware of. lol. Spooky stuff.