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Stuff is disappearing from my room...


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Sep 24, 2019
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Thank you. I mentioned it all these events to my friend now, it seems he didn't do it. That leaves the other stranger as the person that could have been doing this. However, the memory card thing (the timming!!!!) is just too much. Keep in mind that it wasn't an ordinary memory card. It's a special kind that can only be used on this console. Can't be used on a computer or camera, for example. And I have an SD card that I don't use lying somewhere else in the room, which would have been useful to him. No other eletronic device has ever disappeared... not that memory card, right when I wanted to use that PS vita to watch movies...

I will start recording every time using my laptop. I will always leave the door opened and put something on the floor so that it won't close. For the first time I will also sleep with the lights turned on. I'll also buy a memory card with more store to be able to record for longer periods of time.

I'll keep this thread updated with news/pics.

EDIT: I suddenly just remembered something. Last week I felt a strange pain and uncomfort in my armpits. I felt it for a few days but it was gone on the weekend. I never felt anything like that. Could be connected to the deodorant... or not, I don't know.
Not to be an alarmist or anything, but besides the paranormal, reoccurring underarm pain could be a sign of cardiovascular complications or breast cancer. I would say that if the pain is moderate to severe, and reoccurring, I would talk to your doctor--it couldn't hurt.