It's turf made up of decayed plants and vegetation. It's cut out of the ground from peat bogs. It's used for heating in Ireland and the UK.

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We don't have that in the desert. If I ever get to go back to Ireland I will see if I can find someone burning it so I can smell it. (I was told once I have a nose like a blood hound).
I love the salt air smell as i drive into work in the mornings, the smell of fall in the air and not supposed to mention perfume, but hey, nothing sexier than the scent of a woman.
I love the smell of salt air on the coast. and when returning to savannah the smell of the paper mills hits and its at that moment i feel "home". a strong putrid smell that soon becomes part of the environment and is easily dismissed by living there, but when away for a while it hits hard and brings back tons of memories.