Shadow people are trying to feed off me

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    I am a new member here. I am not someone who's into UFOs, ETs, etc. I do, however, believe these shadow creatures are real.
    I have had countless experiences of seeing shadow people while in a semi-awake state. I never see them while fully awake.
    These experiences are very real and the reason I am posting this is because it's gotten ridiculous. I see them almost every time I am about to wake up now. What's interesting is that I usually wake up half way through the night and then fall back to sleep in 10-20 minutes. It's just a natural thing for me. I never see them during this time. They always come near the end of my second sleep. This confirms my idea that they are waiting for me to build up as much energy as possible before feeding.

    Now, why do I suspect they are feeding? Well, what usually happens during my encounter is I will see a black floating creature that looks exactly like a dementor from harry potter. It doesn't have red eyes (sometimes white) and it's not necessarily a human shaped figure. It floats to my bed and leans over me. It always tries to extend something to my neck. It specifically likes the back of the neck. I feel a weird vibrating sensation through my whole body when it touches me. I think it is attempting to extract my energy. The only way I can somewhat prevent this is by sleeping on my back with the blankets wrapped around my neck. When I do this the creature clearly gets agitated and I've felt it trying to pull the blankets off, but it's very weak. It gives up and goes away.
    I don't really feel comfortable sleeping on my back so this isn't a great solution, but if I force myself to do it, it helps.

    I have tried talking to the creature. Asking it what it wants. Telling it to f-off. I either get a grunt, nothing at all, or it starts repeating exactly what I said back to me. What I found really creepy is that I was dreaming one time right before the creature arrived and I saw "James Boone" written on a piece of paper.

    So with the number of times I've seen these creatures, combined with the fact that it always happens around the same time and the fact that they always want access to my neck makes me think that they are trying to feed off my energy. I could go into the details of each experience, but it would take far too long to write. My plan is to install a camera in my room. I just need a webcam. I found some software that will trigger when it senses movement. I am going to try that out and see if I find anything. If not, then I'll just assume that my head is playing tricks on me because I am pretty depressed. If I do see something, then I am going to need some more serious intervention.

    Thanks for reading all that. I know it's long, but I am honestly very afraid of these things and I need some help. It seems like most people who see shadow people only see them rarely, but I see them almost every night.
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    Synap, this post is almost word for word like another recent post here, down to the camera and back sleeping. One that also appeared on Reddit. Are you that poster?

    I'll be looking for that other post in a bit.
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    This sound similar to what happens to me, but you haven’t said you experience sleep paralysis. Are you experiencing that? The black figure over you I’ve experienced, and the “vibration” is what really caught my attention. There are a number of prayers I use to combat this and I’m working with local clergy at the moment. I’d be happen to share what I’ve done, but I don’t have a “fix” quite yet as I’m still trying to rid myself of this thing. I have a suggestion instead of a camera, t use an emf detector, and a certain one in particular. I’ll send you the link. It’s the second one I’ve gotten and it’s highly sensitive. Far better than the first type I used.
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