Scientists Are Figuring Out Why Some People Can ‘Hear’ The Voices of The Dead


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Dec 17, 2020
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naturally the "scientists" brought in schizophrenia and the mental illness vibe.
My opinion correlates. Years ago we were told that we had a mental problem because we said that we could see more colors than what normal people see, and more than what science claimed to be possible: they were all wrong, and now the same scientists name the ability "tetrachromacy" (but none of the scientists will apologize for their rude and false claims). We were told that we had a mental problem because we said that there was water on all bodies of the solar system: today science now admits that there is water on all solar system bodies. We are still being told by science that chi does not exist because scientists cannot measure it: I can prove in a court of law that all scientists are wrong. Scientists claim that ESP is impossible and symptomatic of mental illness: I can prove in a court of law that ESP absolutely must exist: none of the scientists so much as have a 5th grade level understanding of basic physics. I talked about a green nebula-like region most all of my life but everyone said I was stupid because none exists: a couple years ago I saw that a photo was taken of the 'first seen' green nebula-like region. Acute olfactory perception, OBEs, reading auras, distant sensory perception, future perception, and a very long list of other things that scientists claim cannot exist because the scientists themselves cannot do it, but the scientists are wrong on all of them, and can be proven wrong.

Just because someone has a job, it does not imply that the person is competent in their job. I made sketches for two college professors to look at. The sketches were simplistic examples of common fields that prove that ESP must exist, easy enough for a 4th grade student to understand (at least back when I was in elementary school). The professors were unable to grasp what the sketches implied, which also meant that the professors would not have been capable of explaining how a common flashlight works.

In my opinion, and by what the article stated, the alleged scientists merely accumulated statistics, nothing more, which in itself proved that there was never any "scientific" research performed, and that the alleged scientists were not scientists at all. In my grumpy but smiling view, the article is fake news that sensationalizes pseudo-science.

I myself have never heard voices, so I do not know what it might be like, but I have had enough other experiences to know that just because I myself can't do something, it doesn't mean that no one else can either.

FYI, once in a great while my wife hears her name called by a male someone who is not present. Each time there is a death in the family, or someone about to die. Me personally, I'm glad that I don't have that ability.
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Jun 19, 2018
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I sort of resent scientists thinking that they can measure everything with scientific premises. My favorite analogy is this: If someone says that they are in love, can scientists debunk it with some tests? Love can be felt, and we can see how people change when they enter a serious relationship and are happy about it. But there is no way to test it or debunk it. We can announce that we are in love, but nobody feels exactly what we feel.

The paranormal world is vast and lots of it is uncharted. Those of us who are clairvoyant, or that have any other gift, cannot measure or prove their experiences. And so, neither can scientists. If it is misunderstood, they immediately attribute it to mental illness or some kind of past experience.


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Aug 12, 2015
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