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Exactly, Selectric, you explained it much better than I did.
I understood quite well. Thank you very much, Walkinanteek & everyone.
I live now right in - a lovely Montana western mountain-valley. I can, with my somewhat broken emotional state, lol, walk in the air of this beautiful place.
I sensed something today. That my Irish background is there, so I will be listening. I have other ancestors too. I know now there are loving prople (passed on, but they're still people right?) who have been urging me to get back to my own life. So, another adventure now begins, even though I am kind of old. lol.

Cheers all.
I hope this is posted in the right area. If not, please move it. I'm still learning my way around here.
I have been away but am back in the US. It was an attempt to be a good partner to someone who is known to be a err difficult person. I need some recovery time and thought of prayer and contemplation, and walking in nature. If anyone wants to share, (I'm being careful what I ask for here), who among the many among us, is an appropriate goddess or god or spirit? I'm not Christian though I do see the validity of it. Trying to be taking responsibility for my healing but I'm really in need of help. I feel like if I'm too needy then that sends the wrong signal.
I am a bit on shaky ground. I used to feel connections so clearly but being in the relationship erased that before I noticed it was gone, it was gone.

- seabird

I'm thinking you are asking the wrong questions... Creator/Creation is not a God/Goddess thing. That is for a different forum... Mayhaps a Pagan forum... There is only One IS. There is (apparently) a reason... you post here... that is for you to Understand. We do not do any particular belief system here. If you had a Connection... then it is within your own doubt and restrictions that you lost it. The One can not be lost. It is never gone. Look within.
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