Pyramid unearthed in China

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    Ancient City Containing Huge Pyramid Unearthed in China

    Recent news from China tell us of the discovery of a massive stepped pyramid. It rose at least 230 feet high and measured 59 acres at the base.

    The imposing pyramid structure was situated in the heart of a long lost city that at one time encompassed an area of 988 acres, making it one of the largest in the world for its era.

    According to Antiquity, the journal which released the news in August 2018, the city and the pyramid were evidently a prominent center of power at the time — some 4,000 years ago.

    Eyes and anthropomorphic symbols adorning the pyramid have been interpreted as something that could have designated the structure’s special status in both religious and economic terms. Remnants of extensive stone walls and ramparts testify the city was capable of defending itself.

    Shaanxi Province, China. Photo by Till Niermann CC BY SA 3.0

    These reports come after several years of excavation at the Shimao ruins, located in China’s northern province of Shaanxi. Archaeologists have been aware of the site since its discovery in the mid-1970s, the original name of which is unknown, but they little idea had of its significance until now.

    Much more at site with pics
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    Wow! That's huge and amazing! I think the fact they had language is crazy too! Crazy that so many pyramids were built around the entire earth! Ancient aliens man!
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    Sep 3, 2018
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    Hi Debi,
    I have often wondered about pyramids around the world, perhaps the Cocaine Mummies could be the answer with ancient travel and mixing of cultures, please watch documentary below, and tell me what you think:-
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