PTSD From Extreme Paranormal Experiences

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    It seems to me, that Getting help online in a safe supportive savy connected forum with referrals for help is the right place to START with paranormal experiencing induced :* "hyper vigilence" (a physical fight flight freeze automatic response mode state you cant choose or step down from (into relaxed physical state/ ease/ "peace".) & "flashbacks" sleeping, "triggers" / smells sounds seasons places event anniversaries which recollect you to the paranormal event awareness jar you back into a fight flight freeze mode or if not frenzy , then a state of futility / freeze (because you need tools & directions & mentors)

    Um PTSD for Me was more about disarming teen students & urban youth gangs after policing the work setting ever scanning for safety concerns, descalating conflict, protecting from alt gang attacks on site as Much as teaching reading some hours, in order, to establish safety in which kids could communicate concentrate think about anything more than survival, or read. In much the same way, in my opinion, you too need to be safe from paranormal concerns which appear in any enmity against you (levitating, throwing things, bullying words taunts, unkindness, following you like a ghost kept trying to get one fellow I know to talk with it, because "he knew I could see it. See the trick is not letting the ghost know younotice its there, I cant let ghosts run my life / talk to me all the time - they already had their life / I have mine I wanta have mine. Theyre always complaining! (He likes playing video games in his spare time -not talking to ghosts. Call him the non empathetic psychic medium / he just wants to run under the radar: for real. ) So you need to be safe, so you can think live and be too.

    I think Debi has collected generous resources (tools, directions, and recommends mentors and guidance) on routine protection, grounding, lifestyle you can use to stay in the safe present (not ptsd loop) with your referred sources (which the forum can refer you to ) can help you to re establish or to establish a protection if you follow up & find the most relevant support.

    I recall (vocabulary shift about now) reading about "kundalini awakening " or "third eye opening" or "ouij board deep connecting with a not nice source" maybe just being at the wrong place at the wrong time (and physically getting stuck meeting a sasquatch abd you didnt want to) with no reference or spiritual teacher , where the person broke through for the first time into the astral & was frightened ... so they were scared & had bad experiences which were traumatic & didnt know how to close down, ground, protect. I think you could describe that as a psychic ptsd. Even being near a martial artist using an energy linage to fall down a cliff and carry you to the sand on a safe ledge when you would have broken your neck when you stepped into the air as the cliff trail crumbled were you to fall alone--- can make you question reality. That catch 22 contradiction between what you knew and what happened to you / paranormal/ can make such a big Stress/ it contradicts everything you knew. This could be a stress load in your comfort window ; no a breaking window at the edge of your comfort zone.

    I recall a very timid frightened stressed out anxious teen ager who was terrified (according to their journal) going out of body experience including /I wont give examples/ with no referent point of love in their young childhood to ground them or establish safety to link back to; they calmed down from their paniced state & made it ok to Thanks to , community with wise local spiritual leaders wherein they received adequate spiritual guidance safety established and protection.

    I read all the time on various spiritual blogs you need to establish protection doing spiritual or energy work, and that once a negative connection is broken -you want to Not Restart Reconnect Re establish link that negative connection (or even give it focus, time & attention and energy /in your mind, with your mind , life, and heart, or communication, which increases the negative connection to an actual negative entity through your life routine, experience set, mind/head /heart status and --re establish it (it being a non helper non protective multi dimensional entity or astral entity connection) this experience might be
    So shocking compared to tv snd popcorn and pepsi moments car drives new clothes & sports that its awfully memorable. & it could be recurring or in the present... so I say : take the help & utilize established links on the board moderators.

    Even waking awareness into less common spiritual human experiences can be so searingly different than vacation bible school noodle glued down religious arts and crafts, that you were unprepared except for potlucks & it threw you for a stress filled loop when youre meeting a first ghost & its not at the movies; much less x paranormal event happened & you cant pretend its a dream you cant quite wake up from. "Nah! " If awareness is haunting ---- that might be so hidden a disclosure-- compared to playing tag or events in a church youth group-- gave you no reason to believe such seen and unseen powers are real. That could be ptsd or being caught in a catch 22; a paradox; of contradictions. Thisis so not secular , it contradicts our cultural rhetoric of what life is, when it isnt, paranormal. And its not sunday school not donuts after church and weds night basketball; its not going to the county fair. Dealing with the paranormal;

    Read on.
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    SierraRocks, I had to read and re-read your reply. I appreciate your comments but I could not understand a large portion of it.
    Your suggestions, while valid in some situations does not apply to the situation I was in.
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