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    I read up on true crime, bigfoot, UFOs and such all the time and when a story particularly clicks for me, I delve deeper into it and write up my own articles on these strange cases:

    Gacy: I wrote this article to highlight how the police ignored evidence of a second person aiding Gacy in the serial killings he commited, how Gacy had other victims buried elsewhere - evidence of which the police again ignored and finally some supernatural happenings that occurred around this case.

    Dennis Dupree and Tony Alamo: A look at the horrible murder committed by Dennis Dupree which inspired a Hollywood horror movie, plus I cover the sinister minister Tony Alamo's decent into grave robbing, slave labor, cult leadership and kiddie peddling.

    JFK: I wrote three articles on JFK regarding the evidence that Oswald was working for the CIA, that Oswald had a double, trained hit men who were in Dallas the day JFK was shot, the cover up that went on after JFK was shot and more.

    Donald Kemp: Kemp was an Abe Lincoln researcher who died under mysterious causes. This case involves robbery, kidnapping, ghosts and even UFOs.

    Tina Resch: A sad tale about an abused girl who develops telekinetic powers before winding up as a national sensation. She then went down the wrong tracks and ended up in jail for a murder she did not commit.

    Gen. MacArthur I dive into MacArthur's controversial military background before covering the disappearance of his only son.

    Sodder Kids: My most popular article, where I cover the strange case of the Sodder children who disappeared after a mysterious house fire.

    EAR: I took a lot of info from "Sudden Terror" and wrote out the tale of the East Area Rapist

    Joan Gray Croft and Tara Calico
    Two very different tales of girls gone missing. One with a child who was kidnapped during a tornado, and the other being a probable murder with some frightening evidence.
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