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Orb with face maybe two?


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Sep 27, 2019
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I've only every seen two orbs. The kind that were crystal clear. The color of them were so vibrant and sharp. One in a photo that my brother took. I worked in a restaurant that had activity in it and I had the keys to the restaurant. We went in one morning around 2 a.m. He would walk around in the dark while pointing a camera behind him. He thought by looking one way and pointing the camera behind him the other way and snapping off pictures he would have a better chance of capturing something. Out of the hundreds of photos, two clearly showed an anomaly. One was a shadow person and the other was an orb. The orb looked like a crystal clear bubble with a purplish light concentrated in the center. Like the tip of a flashlight filament bulb, but only purple and brighter.

The other orb was one I captured in a video in front of the men's bathroom door appearing to move on an intended path. That area of the restaurant seemed to hold the most activity. It moved so fast that it only stayed in view on the video for about 6 frames. I was filming with an HD video recorder so that was very fast. Unfortunately, after 14 years, I no longer have either the picture or video.

Here are a couple of tips when taking pictures or video at night with equipment that is not designed to do so.

1. Experiment first. Begin taking pictures randomly near light sources, at light sources or various other things. You are not looking for orbs, you are looking to see how everything around you is showing up on your pictures.

2. Think about how even the smallest objects will appear to look depending how far away or close to the lens they are. Take a picture of a cobweb up close and farther away. Does it go out focus? Sometimes if it really close it won't even show up or it may look like some kind of blurry thing that will throw you off.

3. Consider taking pictures near or at light sources by hand, and then with a tripod. See the difference. Light is one of the trickiest things that can really cause a person to misjudge a photo or video.

Point is, just try to imagine what circumstances you will be in. Take pictures of everything and study them. You will begin to understand and quickly identify what you are seeing. I believe if you look at everything as a skeptic, when you are left with something that can not be explained, then you may have something. Thanks for reading.
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