Natalie Holloway Murder Solved!


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Jan 31, 2023
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Deep South…
Finally after 20 years, Beth Halloway finally has justice. Joran Van der Sloat finally admitted to killing Natalie Holloway 20 years ago. (He also murdered a girl in Peru). According to that piece of (expletive)… she refused his sexual advances. She tried “feeling her up” and he says she responded with a knee to his crotch. He responded by kicking her in the face and taking a cinder block to her head, killing her…. He then dumped her body into the ocean. As long as it has been, unfortunately, the Statute of Limitations may have passed.

I Salute you Beth Holloway!! You never gave up, you never wavered and you stayed the course! Now, hopefully real Justice… will be done!
I followed this story very closely when it was in the news. I think he is a lying POS and I think the guilt in his father for covering up for him caused his early death. I still don't believe anything he says but I hope it gives the mom some peace at least. We will never really know what happened unless someone other than Urine knows and talks.