Mystery of the 1876 Kentucky Meat Shower

I have read about this case before, and I think all their theories are ridiculous. The worst being the volture theory. No way that much reagitated meat was vomited up by flying birds at the same time, so far up nobody saw them. Thats just not believable at all. I think aliens were doing testing on either abducted people or animals and dumped their specimens. This makes as much sense as vomiting birds. I am shocked people actually tried eating this stuff.
I am leaning towards hoax on this one since none of the explanations make sense. Though it would be strange for someone to create a hoax if selling their property was in the mix. Not sure that'd be a selling point people would jump onboard for in those days. The only explanation that could possibly make sense is the guy that insisted it tasted like bear meat. Perhaps IF this really occurred, a bear was picked up by some freak weather event and it's remains dumped. But the supposed amount of 'debris' doesn't support that either, unless WAY exaggerated. You never see clusters of bear wandering around other than with a few cubs. I'm calling hoax.
It reminds me when they blow up whale carcasses to get rid of them. I've also heard they blow up dead feral horses in parks to discourage bears feeding around campsites. Maybe something like that?
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