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    I’d like to share with everyone my first conscious recognition of my own telepathic abilities. I hope this helps our Team know me better; more importantly I hope it might help others here (members and causal visitors) know themselves and our divine universe better.

    Now let me set this story straight as this was not my first paranormal experience - I believe that I probably saw one spirit many years prior to this; and, I’m certain I had conscious recognition of my first empathic episode earlier in the same calendar year that this story takes place.

    I was 16 and a junior in high school. I had just returned from a two year military deployment (my Dad’s of course not my own) to Japanese island of Okinawa.

    I invested a lot of my personal efforts in the first quarter of the school year working to rebuild friendships which had mostly stagnated during my two year absence. My very best (guy) friend who used to live across the street from me, moved away just weeks before my family moved to Japan; but, his family also moved back to our hometown while I was overseas. We ended up being assigned “randomly” lockers at school which were just a few feet apart. We stared at each other many times over a few days before we actually opened up to reintroduce ourselves. It was awkward because in two years I had matured seriously both emotionally and physically - I looked very different so I don’t think he was convinced I was really me.

    Anyhow, he immediately pulled me deep into the clique he ran with. This was a group of 12 mostly nerdy guys and girls with one or two being more artsy than the rest of us. As many of us as possible met for lunch everyday such that I was always surrounded by at least eight people at every class break.

    You can image that with 12 teens comes lots of activities, lots of stories, lots of drama, lots of everything. And, lots of sharing. Since we were together for one to two hours each week day, we shared a lot all at once so that everyone was in the know about everything at the same time. However, some times we also had to share info sequentially as one person learned something first hand, then word would spread out through the group between classes until everyone in the group knew everything.

    On one occasion when one of the girls got my attention between classes to tell me something - I think it was about a party that was being planned but I’m not certain of that point 40 years later - she stepped up to me, raised her head, and looked into my eyes and I immediately knew 100% of the info she was about to share. It was as if someone had stuffed all of the relevant facts into my head all at one time. After she finished talking, my only response to her was a (probably uncertain sounding), “I know...”. And I did know but I am confident that I didn’t know that same info before she looked into my eyes.

    Same thing happened probably no fewer than four times with other people and other new knowledge over about a two week period. Then I recognized several patterns including my recurring respond of “I know.” I also realized that I had better change how I responded to these occurrences else someone is going to quiz me and press me to explain exactly HOW it is that I know what I know. I wasn’t interested in having that conversation with anyone at that age nor at that level of low understanding of what was happening inside me.

    Let me add one piece of context to why I shared the story above. Over time, the way in which I received telepathic info changed - I don’t know if “matured” would be a relevant verb. In the first years I experienced telepathic messaging, it was like an immediate mind dump - I appeared to receive all of the relevant info in one instant. And, I only seemed to receive info telepathically when I was physically nearby the source of that info.

    As I grew older, the mechanisms seemed to change in at least three ways. I did not have to be physically near the source; I could be miles away from the source. I didn’t have to know the source; I could receive info even from people I didn’t know at the instant I received the info. And, instead of a dump of info, sometimes the info would stream in like in sentences such that I didn’t know the entire set of infos until the “streaming” ended.

    Since the point where the mechanisms changed, I have found that some info will dump into my mind and some will stream in. And I cannot really determine how, why, nor when the mechanisms differ. The quality of the information appears to be essentially the same in either case.

    Last point - I don’t know when (at what age) the mechanism changed nor can I recall any event that might have triggered the change. It was only after receiving many messages in the alternate mechanism that I even realized the technique of receiving telepathic messages was actually different from my earliest experiences.
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