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May 24, 2019
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At the point in time that I moved out the gap between me and most of my friends was growing wider. At 19 I was a full grown man. I had a good job and worked hard. Most of my friends were still kids. Partying 7 days a week doesn't go well with holding down a good job. They all ended up moving back in with their parents several times. They would all move in together and before long they all lost their jobs and when evicted had to go back in with Mama and Daddy. That was not an option for me. They would have let me come back, I just was NOT going there. I had a good job, a nice car and a motorcycle. That meant that I had bills and responsibilities.

My girl and I spent most of the weekends together at her parent's house until she was a little older. LOL, she could not date until she was 16 and I think that this allowed us to really get to know each other before we started the dating game and all of that. We started off as best friends rather than two people playing a part in a mating dance.
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