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    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

    What should you do when suddenly an unknown creature or being is in your house? These accounts describe encounters with a bizarre humanoid on the couch, and then a large hairy hand & arm that assaults a family at night.

    “One day in Autumn 2015 I came home from school earlier as I skipped the last 3 classes. It was around 12 in the noon. All the lights in my house were off, and I was wearing earphones. I went from my kitchen to the living room and as I looked at the small couch we have in my parents' house I saw a 'thing' staring back at me. It wasn't for a split second, it was staring at me for like 3-5 seconds, front-facing me so I know it wasn't just my brain/eyes mistaking a random object for a human-sized being. It wasn't very tall, 1 1/2 metres would be the tallest it could've been. It had a human-like body shape. Its skin looked like candle wax and it was very wrinkly. Kind of reminded me of E.T. but it looked way more old, and pretty much dead. Its hands weren't human-like and I don't think it had nails. Its eyes were all black and they looked hollow. It didn't have hair. It didn't do anything, just stared at me for some seconds. I looked away or blinked, I don't remember which one, and it left. When it looked at me I felt both terrified and in awe. But it looked familiar, even if I haven't seen it before, or since, I felt like its intentions weren't necessarily bad I don't think it was a hallucination, because there is no history of schizophrenia or anything similar in the family. There is no history of any mental illness on both sides.

    I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this creature or if anyone has a similar experience. I don't think it had ears. As for a nose, I don't remember clearly. If it did have a nose it was just a small black opening on its face, where a human's nose would normally be. Its face was a mixture of demonic and alien features, only the body was humanoid. Its eyes didn't indicate aggressive behaviour exactly. It was more that it was staring at me out of curiosity, but it looked pretty alert and ready to fight (back) Its face was wax-like and wrinkly like the rest of its body. A weird kind of oval shape if I recall correctly.” LU

    “Bizarre incident that happened to my family. I’m a 50 year old man from Peru, and when I was young my family (two sisters, mother and father) used to live in house in a rural village, next door to my uncle. We all slept in the same room, separate beds and we didn’t have electricity. Also there was only one door to the bedroom, and one window which we kept closed at night.

    So one night I woke up to the sound of my sister (Sister 1) screaming. She was shouting that someone was in the room and touching her thigh. My dad got up and lit a candle, but there was no one in the room, doors and windows closed. We said she had been dreaming so we went back to sleep. The following night the same incident again, my sister wakes up screaming, saying someone was moving their hand slowly up her thigh. Dad lights the candle, no one there. The following night my other sister (sister 2) sleeps in her bed with sister 1. Sister 2 wakes up screaming that someone is touching her thigh. Dad checks the room with a candle again, nothing. This is when we all start to get a little concerned, but my parents think my sisters are just playing a very weird joke on them.

    Following night my mother sleeps in my sister's bed, and my sisters sleep with my dad. In the middle of the night my mum wakes up screaming that someone is touching her thigh. Now my parents are super freaked out, but once again there was nothing in the room, all doors and windows closed. My dad asks everyone to leave the house and stay with my uncle next door, and he decides to sleep in my sister's bed in the house alone. This is where things get so strange and unexplained to me. That night we wake up to the sounds of my dad shouting for my uncle to help him. My uncle runs next door, lights a candle and finds my dad lying on the floor, out of breath, with red marks on his chest and face.

    This is my dad's story of what happened. He said he was sleeping when he woke up in the night to a hand touching his thigh, but he didn’t react immediately. He waited and the hand began to move higher and higher up his thigh towards his genitals. As the hand got very close, he grabbed it, and he says he grabbed onto a very hairy arm, too hairy to be human. He held on to the creature as long as he could. He said it was very large and strong, but it scratched him lightly during the struggle and he couldn’t hold on. But the creature didn’t run away or open a door or window, there was just silence after that. I saw the redness on my dad, and believe the story entirely. I was the only one to never experience anything.

    After this incident my dad and uncle stayed in the house, but the creature never came back. We all returned to sleeping in that room eventually and never had another issue. Any ideas what it could have been? The area is not known for monkeys, certainly not large ones, and I don’t know how a monkey could have entered the room every night and then left with no noise. But that’s the most likely explanation I can think of. There was no way to enter the room except a closed door and closed locked window.” HC
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    The second story about a large hairy hand actually reminds me of what my mother told me long ago. She said, when she was but a 18-ish year old teenager during early 70's, she was very interested in paranormal, and due to her curiosity, she'd very like to see a spiritual entity-in their true form.

    During that time, she was living in an old Dutch house with her sister, and also her parents. I know the house quite well myself, since I was also raised there.
    This house, has 3 bedrooms.

    One bedroom was for her with her sister, one for their parents, and the last one was actually for their brothers. But since their brothers have all graduated from high school and went to university in the faraway city, it's been left empty for quite some time and reserved for their brothers whenever they came home during holiday seasons.

    It was in this empty bedroom my mother decided to do the summoning, on a silent and quiet midnight. She said, the room has somewhat developed a suitable atmosphere for summoning purpose eversince her brothers left.

    And so that night she did it alone, since her sister didn't really interested on the summoning matter and went to sleep instead.

    The summoning process, as my mother told me, was quite simple. It was only required her to sit down on the floor, facing a certain direction, and chanting a certain 'jangjawokan' (spell, in English) over and over again. She was secretly acquired the jangjawokan from our gardener by the way, as our gardener was also known to be an amateur spiritual practitioner in the area.

    And I guess the jangjawokan worked-really well, matter of fact, as it didn't take too long for my mother to chant it before she felt the temperature of the room started to slowly dropping to a point where she thought she couldn't hold it anymore.
    It was right when she thought she'd stop chanting the jangjawokan for a moment to warm herself up, something happened.

    Out of nowhere, right in front of her very eyes, something started to slowly take shape, and when it came to a clear view, it turned out to be a very big hairy hand with long sharp pointy, dark nails on the 'as big as 'pisang tanduk' fingers'.
    'Pisang tanduk' or 'horn banana', is a type of large banana, and each of the fruit can grow up to 30 to 40 cm in length.

    The sight of course, shocked her quite much. She didn't expect that a spiritual entity's true form would be such a scary thing to see-probably because she mostly heard back at the time that spiritual entities, when they're males, are more handsome than even the most handsome man on earth, and she thought the handsome form would be their true form in the first place.

    Well, she found it out that her initial thought was wrong in such a hard way, because all she could tell at the time, the particular jangjawokan that she chanted, besides meant for summoning was also meant to prevent the summoned entity to materialize in disguised form-in order to prevent it to deceive the summoner.
    Thus she believed, the oversized hairy hand was a true form.

    As she stared at the hand in disbelief, a large wrist started to take shape as well, and then the large upper part. And it was all-as she described it to me, hairy.

    It was at that point a thought all of a sudden came across her mind; if the hand alone is this scary to see, the entire body could have been something even far more scary to behold.

    That thought was really frightened her, and she stopped chanting the jangjawokan at once, cold sweat all over her face and neck.
    She hurriedly backed off from the hand and shooing it away. Lucky for her, the materializing process was also came to a halt right away, and the hand was just started to slowly vanish into thin air again.

    After the hand vanished completely, it took my mother a bit long to settle herself down from the shocking experience, before she then tried to return to her own room with still-shaking knees, to join her sister, silently sworn that she'd never do anything like that ever again.
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    I wonder if they had paranormal activity after that, from her opening a door way. I hope it closed itself.

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