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    Discovered: The Lost Spiritual Legacy Of A Powerful Anglo Saxon Pagan Princess

    Aebbe (615-668 AD) was a powerful Anglo Saxon pagan princess who became an abbess and then a saint for having been instrumental in spreading Christianity along the north east coast of what is today England. Her monastery was burned down by Viking raiders in 870 AD and its location has always evaded archaeologists, but recent excavations have revealed a vast narrow circular ditch - the boundary surrounding Aebbe’s monastery.

    Aebbe’s Anglo-Saxon Monastery Discovered
    It had always been believed that the Anglo-Saxon monastery was located on a cliff-top overlooking the sea, but this team of archaeologists looked further inland, to where Coldingham Priory is now located in Berwickshire. Manda Forster from DigVentures, who are managing the excavation, told reporters at The BBC that outside the boundary the team uncovered “a huge pile of butchered animal bones which radiocarbon dating has just confirmed date to 660 – 860 AD… This is pretty much exactly when Aebbe’s monastery was in existence.”

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    That amount of animal bones in one place indicates that these people were feeding themselves there for a long time. Interesting.
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