Then we are the same ;) :D
For I've had similar life :D
I learned to go with the universe a long time ago. fighting it is a waste and a long hard path.....there's always going to be highs and lows in this life, but as I look back I realize I've had a pretty amazing life in this short time we are given...I've danced. I've laughed, I've loved, and I've we live, help, and what we teach others is our legacy that will carry us forward through the lives of those we touched
to continue to move forward into the unknown is the only way to change..... ive been a lot of places, worn many hats, met many people. all of the things ive done, places ive been, and people ive met have molded me into who i am today. through the years innocence is lost, eyes are opened, and without realizing it we are no longer the person we once were. but we can take those experience's and become the person we wish to be. we have to come to terms with the past and where weve been, we cant out run it, its always just a day behind. but we can overcome any bad and build off of the good and move forward......... change is a constant flow, a never ending process of learning and growing. and there is always room for improvement
I love this Paul, thank you for your wisdom.
One of my favorite sayings is by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus "Character is Destiney". Character will determine how your life will go because it will guide the decisions you make.