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Any feedback from the client, Paul, that commissioned the lion ?
yes, they were really happy with it. the lion with the lamb was a little tricky, I usually don't do religious themes because it is hard to get the "feel" right.
getting the lion with a non threatening, menacing look with the innocence of a lamb wasn't easy for but it didn't come out too "comic book'ish" and they were happy so all is well.
on a related note, the elephant I posted first on this thread was on my page for just an hour and someone made an offer for it. really surprised me because honestly it was just an experiment in color theory.
a few more, really surprised ive got as much color work on here, usually stay in the black and gray pallet.



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couple more I dug from the depths of this

kinda a story behind this one,

another character development for a graphic storyline.
graphic eyes.jpg

wow....this is an old

another old one.
Very nice!
I will dig some of mine up to share.
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a few more

this one I could never get to photograph right, it actually looks really good in person, just not so much in photo.

pirate ship.jpg

this, well, I don't kinda a combination of oil painting with a throwback to my roots of illustration...


this just is what it is, lol

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