Man dies when power turned off

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    Pollock Pines Family Says Man Died When Oxygen Tank Lost Power during PG&E Shut-Off

    As someone who uses a concentrator, which is what the man was on...not a tank...I can tell you what probably happened here. When you sleep, 02 levels fall. In severe COPD cases, if you cut off the 02 and don't hear the alarm go off on the machine at night, your heart starts working harder to pump more 02 through the blood, the blood pressure rises, and most folks with end stage have enlarged hearts. This man couldn't make it to his back up tank or battery operated unit in time before his heart went from the stress.

    In my state, it is unlawful to cut off anyone who is on the med list without notice, even if they have to come bang on your door to let you know so you can switch to somewhere that has a power supply. I have signs all over my box and my polls, and I am on my electric company's med list. If this man was on that company's list, there will be one heck of a lawsuit.
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    I think its a lack of communication and care between workers and companies these days.

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