Looking for your thoughts and opinions on my experiences



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Nov 23, 2021
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I've had the same thought as I've read your responses. Your children (age 2 & 3 I believe you said) may have witnessed similar events but are probably too young to understand they are out of the ordinary and/or verbally express their experiences. Your explanation earlier as to your wife's position relative to these events suggests she might be in denial. If that's the case, she could have had the experiences but refuses to admit/accept them.
Yes, you are correct. I think she believes events I told her, just doesn't want to know about them anymore. She believes in psychics/mediums so she definitely believes in that, but just think its different being things in our own house, as minor as they might be. Also, as an example if she did hear something fall, the mental checklist of what happened/what fell does not include the idea of it being paranormal. More just something that could be explained by something else or just ignoring, not worrying about what happened.


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Nov 25, 2020
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Thank you very much. From the explanation in the first part of the response, do you see this as a normal or rare (not paranormal/spirit/etc.) occurrence with seeing the image of the "man" you described?

In the instance you have reported it, this is quite rare and to be honest with you, this is the first occurrence of a capture like this I have seen of this type.

Taking the part of you describing what it/he looks like, why do you think something like that would appear crossed with another feed? It would be one thing if the image was of another room or objects, but just odd that the image I captured, along with your description, is what appears. If completely normal, is their a way to visually re-create what happened? I am assuming no, but figured I would ask.

I think something like this would happen because I have actually seen it before and on more than one occasion. Wifi cameras can be a pain sometimes. Despite them being tied to a network via a WPA2 key, they can sometimes drop data packets into other streams unintentionally. As these are airborne data packets, they can originate from anywhere. It occurs because, when wireless signals are being transmitted or received simultaneously in a MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) environment, the signals being transmitted by the various antennae are multiplexed by using different spaces within the same spectral channel. These spaces are known as spatial streams. Sometimes these spatial streams become identical within the spectral channel simply through mathematical odds - at some point, the random multiplex from two separate sources will match and crossfeed.

And no, unfortunately, we can't re-create it. Not outside of a lab with specialist equipment, anyway......

The portal explanation is interesting as I did find it odd that the image captured appeared to be framed. It's nothing I thought of or considered, but I guess the thought process is similar to some astronomical theories I follow such as multiple universes, string theory, etc.

A person after my own heart ;) Don't forget the block universe theory on that list...........

I'm sure there is no scientific answer, but what would (at least in theory) cause an entity to come in and out of a portal. Are they free to come and go as they wish? Are there triggers I am unaware of causing an entity to come in/out?

I do not believe that there are any specific triggers as far as portals go for entities coming in or out. They are pretty much free to come and go as they wish, but I believe that most are drawn by energies - our bodily energies, emotional energies and the energy of interaction with other spiritual entities (what I referred to as becoming a spiritual beacon). What they are - we do not exactly know. Some believe they are tears within the fabric of space and time and can link our plane with other dimensions, or different planes of existence within our own. A bit like how a wormhole theoretically connects two points in space that we can pass through.

As always with the paranormal, there are more questions than answers :)