Light at the End of the Tunnel of Covid

As we near the holidays, please remember that many around us have lost loved ones.

some of my spirits that are around said something really crazy to me a few weeks back as I was thinking about going out but after hearing them say to me Stay in Quarantine, I changed my mind about going out even though I am vaccinated they must know something I don't and I'm not going to question it highly doubt they would tell me that for no reason
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I have not read all the pages on this thread. In 2020 my daughter and grandson, who had been living with me for 2 years moved to their own apartment the week everything shut down. I have been working from home since 2016 and our company is a tech company so everyone was sent home and the offices left empty except for weekly visits by the network guys. The main office is in Florida and the CEO kept expecting to have everyone back in the offices any day after the first 3 weeks, but then decided to wait until schools were open again, and now almost 2 years later has let some of the offices in Texas go, and has moved the Florida office to a smaller space, setting up what is called "hotel type" office space where people will reserve a space for a day or how ever long they need it and everyone works from home. It is the sales people and the management that needs the "hotel" desks.

This virus has taken 2 of my relatives, my uncle and my foster brother. My daughter, who was fully vaccinated and her son who was too young to be vaccinated got the delta variant of the virus. My brother in law had the first version early (before the shut down in the U.S.) and then got the delta variant along with my sister and niece. All of them survived though my brother in law did have a heart issue right after caused by blood clots in his lungs from the virus. My uncle and one foster brother died in the hospital. The brother was in for 2 months on a respirator and my uncle was in the hospital just a few days before he died. My elderly aunts (one 88, who lives with me, and one 91 who lives with her son) are afraid to go out, they don't want a vaccine and they don't want to take any chances of getting the virus.

I usually take a trip to Delaware (about 2000 miles from my home) for my grandson's birthday in August. I see my daughter and her family once a year. In 2020 I took 2 weeks off instead of 1 and drove instead of flew the end of August and stayed until after labor day. I took 4 days to get there and 4 and a half to get home as I took the southern route coming home so I could stop and see my Kentucky uncle. I really had a nice trip but it was interesting to see how different states were coping, which ones ignored the virus, and which ones acknowledged it but only with signage, not rules, and which ones had mask and social distancing rules. In 2021 I took 2 weeks off again but instead I went for Thanksgiving and I did fly. It was a nice trip but it is hard wearing a mask for 10 hours (which is how long it took me to get to Delaware by plane). Coming back it was a straight flight that took 4 hours.

I have so many mixed feelings about the way everyone has reacted to this virus. I lived through the Hong Kong flu pandemoic and it seems people understood better then how virus' work. No conspiracy nuts claiming the government created the virus or lied and that there was no virus. That pandemic lasted two years too. I think this one will last longer for several reasons, including the virus' ability to mutate quickly, people's poor education, politics and greed.

I hope everyone is doing well now and ready to get back into society. This will not last forever, though the virus, like influenza, will not disappear. We will just have to learn to live with it like we have learned to live with the flu.