Lake Michigan Mothman Book review


Truth Seeker
May 24, 2019
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Of the many cryptid critters out there the Mothman causes me the most problems. I can imagine a bigfooted hairy hominid, I played football with a guy that only lacked the hair. I can imagine all manner of ghosts and critters that should be extinct but keep showing up. I think that my problem is that I too well understand what it takes to fly and hominids in any shape just can't do it. Our bones are too dense, our musculature is much too weak and in order for something man-sized, even with lighter bones, to fly the wingspan would be the size of a small airplane. Look at the wings on a pterosaur, they were in excess of 30 feet and it was a lightweight compared to a man.

I don't doubt that people are seeing something but for the life of me, I can't imagine what sort of critter might be mistaken for this sort of thing... but I am always open to suggestions.