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    Kevin Malek is a Paranormal Historian & Founder of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. He is also a Ufologist & a Field Investigator with the UFO Wisconsin Research Team & formerly with Mufon. He is a Conspiracy Analyst for Ultimate Conspiracies & Apocalypse Nation. Kevin is also a regular contributing writer for The Supernatural Magazine & The Paranormal Chronicles and is one of the hosts of the terrestrial (AM/FM) & internet radio show Paraversal Universe on WBHM Digital Broadcasting, also heard on WCET FM & The RIFT Radio Network. Kevin & his wife Jennifer run the Northwood's Paranormal Resource Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He has been interviewed & featured on such shows as Coast to Coast AM, Fade To Black, Beyond Reality, Demonology Today, Skywatcher Radio, Monster X, Paranormal Zone TV, Paranormal Soup, Darkness Radio, Campfire Tales, Dogman Encounters, & many others. Kevin also lectures about different facets of the unknown and unexplained at speaking engagements, para-cons, and metaphysical expos, etc..

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