Japanese Dogu figures from the Jomon period

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    In Japan, the Jomon period extended from 14500,years BCE to 300BCE - so is quite a long time!

    The term Jomon means "cord marked" or "patterened", and reflects the style of the pottery found in that period.

    Various pottery articles are found that are highly decorated -everything domestic and many ornamental figures too. One of which are a group of figurines called the Dogu figures.

    These first caught my eye about 15 years ago and keep resurfacing every now and then. I did some research around this at the time, but then focused on Egypt.
    Here's a few pics for you to think about - [​IMG]

    Now to me at least - this does not look like your average human form.

    Also the Dogu figures were meant to represent the people who brought farming and technology to the people there and were called "the helpers from the sea". So who were they and where did they come from?

    Lots of things can be said about the figures - The eyes mainly have slits, but are also completely round - like goggles?

    The Neck is out of proportion - very wide.
    The arms and legs seems to dangle from what seems like a suit.
    The arms and legs themselves are overly fat and seem to balloon out.
    - There are no hands or feet - anywhere on any of the figurines that I have seen.

    Now people have said "Spaceman" in the past, but to me I would think "Diving suit"
    If it really was a people from the sea - they would not like daylight - so would explain the slit eyes. Also as they were aquatic they would need a suit that kept water IN - not out. This may explain the bulging arms and legs. Theses do not look like space suits. To me - they are LAND SUITS - for an aquatic species!
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    Interesting thoughts on this. When I saw the pics I thought right away they looked like old fashioned dive suits. I actually think they look amphibian or frog like. Could this be an aquatic humanoid native to the oceans? Alien? Or just a god like bring from their faith? It is interesting to think about what might have lived, evolved or died off through the earths evolution.

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