Jamais Vu

I wouldn't fully dismiss say deja vu as our brain wrongfully viewing things. Sure, there are things that could pass for that, but you cannot rule all of them out. I have experienced this jamais thing. Very curious sensation when really looking at someone...though more looking into them to be more precise. You know you know this person, but somehow their physical self doesn't seem correct, you feel you know something else about them. Their inner self perhaps? Their soul? Again, very odd sensation to say the least. Trick of the brain, maybe. If that's the case, wouldn't that apply to every single person you know? It was never that way for me. Only a random few i have. Some very close to me.
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An interesting topic but I was shocked to read they got a Nobel Prize for Literature lol. Oh well academics and their vanity projects will always be a part of our world it seems. Repeating a word or a sound will put your mind into an altered state, it doesn't take a science project to figure that out lol. Still now we have a name for it.