I need some help regarding Djinn so if somone couldplease come and talk to me in PM or here

Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by Gul Shinwari, Feb 3, 2019.

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    I have never read about binding a djinn to an object, I think that process could be a culprit as everyone has said.

    From my understanding of djinn they can roam our world and there are different sorts like the fairies. So I would encourage you going forward to just raise your energy levels and work towards enlightenment. Find appreciation for nature and all forms of life. Then project your intention out there to make contact with djinn and ask for it's blessing. Inform it that you respect it, honor it, and have no malicious intent to force or coerce them in anyway. A consensual mutual decision. Give it gifts and honor it. Give it thanks, and be ever open to its messages. Let it come to you freely.

    If I am mistaken about anything then I am sorry this is just my personal opinions.
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    If this link needs to be removed then I am sorry for posting it. Just adding it for citation.

    Islam-Universe • View topic - How to remove a jinn from a person possessed

    How to: (I cannot say whether this true or false but at least here is more information to decipher)

    In the name of Allah The Merciful The compssionate

    How to perform an exorcism, removing the jinn from
    a person that becomes possessed.

    All praises are to Allah and may peace and
    blessings be upon His final messenger Muhammed ( May
    Allah's peace and blessings be upon him). We Ask His
    help, and seek His forgivess, and seek His refuge from
    the evil of our selves. What comes after. I pray that
    Allah accept this article only for His sake.

    The proof in the Quran that shows that people
    really get possessed is in the following ayat:

    { "... do not stand except like the one that the
    shaitan has touched."} Baqara: 275

    And in the time of prophet Muhammed (May Allah's
    peace and blessings be upon him), he said to a person
    that was possessed, " Exit oh enemy of Allah. Exit oh
    enemy of Allah."

    In another narration, he (May Allah's peace and
    blessings be upon him) said, " Exit oh enemy of
    Allah. I am the messenger of Allah. "

    The following information is from shaikh Abdul
    Rahman Kajajj, who has been an imam for more than 20
    years, and has performed more than 100 exorcisms on
    many people that became possessed:

    A person may become possessed and overpowerd by a
    jinn for 4 reasons:

    1. The person commits many sins.

    2. The person laughs too much, and heedless of the

    3. The person is overly scared (paranoid) and gets

    4. The person is overly forgetfull and gets affected.

    These jinns that possess people are of many
    types; they may speak a variety of languages just like
    people, and may be muslims or of other faiths like
    Jewish, Christian, Sikh just like people. They also
    are of different sexes. A male jinn could possesss a
    child, in which case the voice would become deeper. A
    female jinn may also possess a male, in which case the
    voice may become higher pitched.

    When the victim becomes possessed, the victim
    does not recall any of the events that occur while
    being in that state. The jinn speaks through the body
    of the victim. The jinn may possess the person for a
    long period of time, even for years. It is recommended
    to record the sounds coming from the posessed before the
    exorcism, as the person will not recollect any of the
    events that occurred while being possessed. This way
    the person can hear himself or herself in the previous

    In some possessions, the jinn would easily exit
    the body. However in other cases, the jinn will refuse
    to leave. The shaikh mentions that it is like an
    apartment that is for rent. If the jinn likes the
    place (i.e. the body), it will not want to leave. The
    jinn would prefer to stay in a body that is used to
    commiting sins.

    In some cases, the jinn may possess part of the
    body and move throughout the body.

    On exiting the body, the jinn may leave by air,
    i.e. through the breath, or by the flowing of blood.
    One can check the color of the blood that is excreted.
    If it is red, it indicates the jinn is still inside
    the body. If the color is dark black, the jinn has

    Here is the procedure to perform the exorcism.

    The exorcism should be performed by someone who
    is experienced, from the shuyukh, that fear Allah.

    1. Make wudhu, and make sure that the house is clean,
    and that there are no images in the house. Remove all
    amulets that may be on the possessed person, so it is
    free from shirk.

    2. Then place your hand on the forehead of the
    possessed person, and speak close to the ear of the

    3. Start by reciting istaadha (saying i seek refuge in
    Allah against the cursed shaitan). All the recital
    should be done loudly, and slowly.

    4. Then prayers for the prophet (May Allah's peace
    and blessings be upon him).

    5. Then say several duas asking Allah's protection,
    like " Oh Allah protect us from this enemy.",

    6. Then surah fatihah.

    7. Then observe the person, you will notice some or
    all these symptoms:
    a) Yelling , shouting, screaming.
    b) Yawning much or much laughter.
    c) Staring at you.
    d) Staring down.

    8. Then some ayaats from surah Baqarah the beginning,
    at least the first 10 ayats, then ayatul qursi, and
    the last 10 ayats of surah baqarah. If one knows the
    whole of surah baqarah, then recite the whole of baqarah. If one is knowledgable, one can say ayats from different places in the Quran, like a dars.

    The jinn will at this point try to
    start conversing. Try avoiding conversing, as the jinn
    will try to weaken your resolve, and become strong.

    9. If one does talk, one should only ask a couple
    questions to the jinn. It is recommended not to ask
    too many questions to the jinn, just a couple
    questions. The jinn will try to weaken the persons
    resolve by conversing. One could ask the jinn if it
    is a muslim or nonmuslim, and why it possessed the
    person. Then immediately command the jinn to exit the

    10. If the jinn is a muslim, you can tell the jinn
    that muslims are friends of each other, and it should
    leave the person, as he is also a mulsim. If the jinn
    is a nonmuslim, one can invite the jinn to Islam. If
    it accepts, tell him that it is prohibited to possess
    someone. If it rejects, then tell it it must leave.

    11. The jinn will come up with excuses on why it can't
    leave. Most of the time these excuses are usually
    lies. The jinn might say something like that it
    doesn't have food, and it will go hungry if it leaves.
    For this excuse one could tell the jinn that it could
    eat the bones that is thrown out by the people. It
    might also say that it is afraid of being harmed for
    some reason. One could then tell the jinn that it can
    recite ayatul kursi or some other ayats for
    protection. It might say that it has no place to go.
    One could then tell the jinn that it could go the
    masjid, namely the minaret of the masjid, and be with
    company of the pious jinns.

    12. The jinn may also threaten to kill or harm family
    members if it is not left alone. This is a lie, and
    the person performing the exorcism should tell the
    jinn, that if it claims that it will kill or harm
    someone else, why doesn't it harm or kill me who is
    right in front of it.

    13. One should continuously recite ayats from Quran,
    as it works like a laser in expelling the jinn.

    14. Some of the jinns are peaceful, some strong, some
    want to fight, some are knowledgable, some are
    ignorant, just like humans.

    15. If the jinn does not know how to exit, tell him to
    listen, and command him to exit with the breath. One
    could also put a needle on the tip of the finger, and
    observe the color of the blood.

    16. To check if the jinn has exited, recite ayats from
    the Quran. If the jinn is still present, you will
    notice the sysmptoms mentioned in 7. If the jinn has
    left, the person would awake and be conscious and talk

    17. In the case the jinn still has not left, one
    should start beating the possessed person in two
    places: Either the palms of the hands, or the soles of
    the feet. One should hit these two places with a stick
    or rod until the jinn leaves. The possessed person
    will not feel the aftereffects of the beating in these
    two places afterwards.

    18. Keep reciting the Quran until it exits.

    19. In some cases, the jinn may come back and
    repossess the person. In this case tell the person to
    make wudhu immediately, recite ayats from Quran,
    pray, repent to allah, and dhikr, to prevent the
    jinn from reposessing the person afterwards, and
    protecting himself.

    20. In some cases the person becomes possessed bacause
    of sihr (a magic spell), in this case the person may
    show symptoms of crying, or vomiting, or stomach
    aches. In this case bring some water, recite some
    ayats and duas on the water, and tell the person to
    drink the water. Take some black seed oil (Alhabbatu
    Sauda), mix it with honey, and give it to the person
    to drink, two spoonfulls two times daily.

    21. The person should be in a program to pray on
    a regular basis, and say much dhikrs on a daily basis,
    and not to listen to music, avoid backbiting, avoid
    movies, and other things that make a person
    susceptible to the jinn.

    For more information, please see the book,
    "Alsarimu al Battar fi tasadi li saharahiti alashrar",
    by Abdul Wahid Abdul Salam Baliy.

    All praises and glory be to Allah, I bear witness
    that there is no god except Him. I seek His
    forgiveness and repent to Him.
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    Here's another link that may be more apt to the situation.

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    Thank you for that information, HJ, but Gul has stated he's not Muslim so I was basically asking Soul Edge if a clergy would be helpful here and what might be the best outside source for him to go to for help. Gul is young and not too familiar with these things so I'm thinking he most likely would do best with an outside clergy source. My question is basically which one might be best to call and what might they offer to do to assist him with this.
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    Perhaps a holistic multi-faceted approach should also be considered. As long as you (the reader)don't feel it's sacrilegious.
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    These are both possible Ruqya methods, though the former would require someone else to perform the ritual on him. Also, that one oversimplifies what certain outcomes could be and misses out certain signs of possession that one might observe.

    The latter is something that he could try on his own but that would require him being able to read the Qur'an's Arabic text.

    At this point, I'd say his best bet would be to see a Ruqya practitioner--one whom he can meet in person. Regular Muslim clergy aren't always equipped to deal with this type of thing. Depending on where he's located, I can recommend where to look for someone who might be able to help.
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    Thank you, Soul Edge. I will let Gul contact you on location if he desires.
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    See, this whole thing is messed up. I have gone back and read over this thread again and again and the thing is just discordant. Regardless of how you view the nature of Djinn -- If a Djinn is Bound -- who is possessing who? In a case such as 'Spiritually or Magically Binding' the phrase means tightly imprisoned and subject to the rule of whoever/whatever did the binding. So I am not seeing this thing as the intruding entity. I understand that possession's by malevolent Being's can and do occur. And that there are various option's of ridding the infected person of this Being. I'm not arguing that. But how do you exorcise a Bound Being when you are the one in possession of said Being? By choice. The Binder so to speak. If that is even possible... Passing a bound entity from one prison guard to another might be possible. But wouldn't the original Binder/Invoker always retain the contract? There is definitely a mirror here and it is extremely hard to say which image of the two is the reality. It's messing with my head.

    I've posted some comments from Gul below because I am leaning toward a culprit in all this and it aint the Djinn. If there is a Djinn. Nor is it Gul -- regardless of his self-responsibility in the whole thing. I think there is a mystery master of Gul's pain and confusion out there and I would lay odd's that one is very human. I think that is where we should start exorcising. Just saying. I am not amused.

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    I agree with the premise it may well be the human who is the originator of all this from the original binding, which is also what Soul Edge referred to. But the person to unwind it all may be a clergy familiar with this type of thing.

    At this point, I do feel the best course of action is as I said earlier...time for Gul to seek out the help that Soul Edge has suggssted. After reading up on this type of practictioner, it appears they are well versed in unwinding the entire entrapment from the oriiginal one who bound the entity and who may also be the one who may be causing Gul the life problems.
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    I agree Debi. I spent several hours today talking/communicating on this subject with various Elder's who Walk a wide variety of Spiritual Path's. I find the subject to be a paradox. So I sought out guidance. Across the board and after much conversation, the conclusion and consensus was just as you say. If the situation is exactly as it has passed to us It come's down to finding an authority on:

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