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    A conservation group in South Africa has created a plexiglass structure that allows people to get an incredibly close look at lions in a manner similar to a shark cage. The novel concept is reportedly the brainchild of the group GG Conservation, which works to protect the big cats that they have rescued from harrowing living conditions. The organization devised the proverbial 'lion cage,' which is aimed at wildlife photographers and daring tourists visiting the country, as a way of generating funds for their work.

    Boasting a plexiglass roof and holes situated in what are said to be safe locations, the structure provides users with an amazing perspective on the curious creatures as they examine the cage and sometimes even climb atop the structure. Similar to its aquatic counterpart designed for sharks, the proverbial lion's den is likely not for the faint of heart, since the sizeable animals are able to get extremely close to those inside the structure. To that end, one hopes that the cage has been thoroughly tested, otherwise an unsuspecting tourist could wind up becoming a boxed lunch for the lions should, say, the door suddenly spring open by mistake.
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    ‘’I’ll have a two piece with a thigh and a breast...”
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