Haunting infestation

Welcome Enov, sorry to hear this is happening to you but glad that you are here to talk about it. Most, if not all, of us here have had similar experiences so we understand what this is like for you. Everyone is giving good advice here. I would like to add talking to your partner about these experiences and making sure the two of you are in agreement about them. It doesn't help when, for example, only one partner is seeing/hearing/experiencing activity and to the other everything is perfectly normal. Or when one partner wants the activity to stop but the other thinks it's fun/cool/interesting and is encouraging or inviting the activity to continue. Remember, these entities used to be people, they have their own emotions and personalities, so they will naturally want to stay around people and places where they feel comfortable.

Stay strong and good luck.
Welcome to the forum Enov. I agree with all the advice above and Selectric is giving you expert advice on the electric because that is his carrier. I don't have anything more to add but wanted to welcome you and lend my support. I would move out too if the lease was up and you can find something else in your price range that you like. Having a small child who cannot defend itself is your main concern. I would document everything and include dates and times, then leave a copy with the manager and a copy somewhere in the apartment for the next renters to discover.
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