Halloween Haunted Attractions

My daughter and I have been going to various haunted attractions for 32 of the last 35 years, her pregnancy and COVID got the three years we missed. Best one we've ever been to is one in Columbus (Oh), it is for adults only. Lots of vulgarities and horrific visuals, very violent. What I heard a little old lady playing a nun say in the "Chapel of Horrors" would have caused a longshoreman to blush.

My most memorable visit occurred one of the few times Mrs Duke went with us. Midway through you had to slide down a long slide, you had no idea what you were sliding in to as there were no lights on the way down. Turns out it was a huge ball pit, and Mrs Duke lost one of her moccasins in amongst the thousands of balls. They had to shut everything down for nearly 15 minutes until we found the shoe.

The advances in the state of the art for the props and displays are amazing, especially the pneumatic animatronic items. I have found myself holding up the people behind us as I study some of those things with an engineer's eye. What a cool job that must be designing those displays.
I love your admiration of detail Duke!
We have corn mazes here. Some are really complex! I also know that they are holding a beer festival IN a cornmaze this year. Now that could prove to be interesting if one has had too much to drink and they have to call in the rescue team to find them...lol
A great idea to make money on the old corn plants. It would be fun for a while...
We went on a haunted walk, a while back. This is my fave memory, because we visited haunted locations in a nearby town, and held candles in holders while the guide explained each spot to us. It was a very cold and windy evening, and it made things very spooky. The candles all went out and the guide had to carry a lantern. It was very enjoyable! Afterward we stopped for soup and sandwiches.

There aren't many haunted attractions in our area but I am always on the lookout!
This sounds like it would have been fun, I like spooky but not gore.