Halloween Decorations

Johnny may have to make a live chat banner appearance. He is cool.
Johnny’s says you will have to contact his agent first, so he pulled me in the backyard, and I have okayed it. Lol.
Kidding. That would be freaking awesome, we would be honored. Since he’s getting such rave reviews, I’m gonna do a post on the real Johnny Appleseed, and a video that was shot of him 20 years ago. And more recent pictures of what he looks like now. I have to admit, I absolutely love my likeness of the original.
No one can see my house so no point in decorating. I will give the kid who walks down a 1 mile long driveway through the woods,hops my fence and knocks on my door by themselves or 100 bucks....lol
Living the dream !
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I thought that I'd share some of Mrs Critter's indoor creations. This is what the trick-or-treaters saw when we open the front door to pass out treats.