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The rossi got some upgrades! I had a magpul forend grip, trl-10,and a holosun 507c x2 gr laying around. So this happened!
I have a light/laser combo I'm gonna order for it in fde. I also decided to set my 10/22 up in a similar manner.
They're gonna be goofy setups,but super fun! I'm gonna need more 22lr suppressors!
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Absolutely fine.
I'm not good with tech so I have no clue how to do!
When you put the pic on, before you press "Post Reply", just tap the pic and corners will appear. You can then make it bigger or smaller. Then simply post it when you have the size you wish.
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And not to worry...if you are not able to do it, I am more than happy to lend a hand with sizing pics. :)
I never touched a computer till 2004! When the internet 1st came out I thought it was a stupid fad!
Was I wrong!
My wife bought me a nice laptop and I only ever set it up and haven't touched it since.
I do everything from my phone! Love my phone!
I have been thinking about getting the laptop out for gaming though.
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Went to work left with ammo,3 hk mp-5 mags. Order 2 glocks and a 3rd will be added next week. 2 green laser/light combos for 2 rifles,3 18rnd 357sig mags for my sug 320. I don't remember if we placed the ammo order or not,but I have some 357sig ammo coming.
The glocks are just for the collection and will probably see little to no use. The sig I only own because it was cheap and the Officer I bought it from never fired it. So I figured if I'm gonna own a sig why not in the caliber they created?
Here's why 1st the 320 had a bad's been known to just go off...mine was sent in for the voluntary recall. Also 357sig ammo isn't plentiful and about 1 dollar a round for target ammo!
Now I'm thinking I may buy a glock 35 40cal and get a kkm 40 to 357sig barrel. I need a glock 35,24 for the long slide part of my collection
Picked up a glock 47 for the collection. I'm getting closer to having all the 9mm,10mm,45acp,and 380 glocks. Gonna also put alot of optics on them. Some will just get new iron sights from Taran tactical and Dawson Precision along with a few Overwatch Precision triggers.Not sure why? Most are just for my collection and will only be maybe function fired or never fired or carried.
Just wait till i do my fall and winter and xmas! Rifles and shotguns mostly.
I'm still waiting on the suppressors I want to come in stock. All will be Dead Air,Silencerco, and Surefire. Then lights,lasers,triggers and other accessories.