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My glock 34 runs full taran tactical, hand fitted barrel,springs,mag well,connector ,mag extension, sights,oversized guide rod and 14lb spring. Non taran parts are overwatch precision tac trigger,match point oversized locking block. My 19 is almost the same just no oversized locking block or mag well and different spring weights for carry,but still taran. My glock 42 and 48 have what little taran makes for it and overwatch trigger and all have an overwatch precision np3ed safety plunger. The rest of my glicks are pretty much stock....for
I dont own one single Glock. I used to have 27 .40 and Loved that damn thing. I want another one
I dont own one single Glock. I used to have 27 .40 and Loved that damn thing. I want another one

I was issued a 26 as a back up when I was on the PD. Never shot or carried it.
The 27 is cool because you can get a 40-357sig conversion barrel or get a 40-9 conversion barrel and 9mm mags and have 3 calibers.
Smallest gun I carry is the glock 42 380. I prefer large frame guns. That said I still need a 26,43,43x,47 and I'll have 1 of every 9mm glock! I just need the 29 and I'll have all the 10mms they make.
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Kinda wish I would have left my 19 stock and got another 1 to mess with. I still have all the original parts just gotta find them. It was the 1st gun my wife got me.
Knives,tomahawks,brass and titanium knuckles and my old pr24 baton. Most are RMJ,swamprat, scrapyard,spyderco,American tomahawk, kershaw,crkt,Zero tolerance and glock knives,benchmade, gerber,and spartan blades,bark river,and others.View attachment 50970View attachment 50969
Picture 2, row 2 slot 4. I believe I see a Kershaw Lucha Balisong hiding there? Balisong collector here so could not help asking.
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Not sure if I posted this 1 yet. Ruger gp100 with laser grips. I'll probably get some nice wood grips and dump the laser. I thought the wife may use it,but don't think it's gonna happen.
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Glock 34. Overwatch precision tac trigger and safety plunger, taran tactical hand fitted barrel,magwell and all taran tactical springs and connector with trijicon hd xr sights that will be swapped for the taran sights. If I had the taran slide I'd have a combat master from the john wick
Glock 20 10mm with wilson combat sights.
Glock 48 9mm with tarn tactical parts and ssvi trigger and trijicon hd xr sights. Got 15 and 20round mags for it and a few 10 rounders.