Google Earth finds secret aircraft?

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    Anomaly hunters turning their gaze towards the Earth rather than the cosmos suspect that they may have spotted a secret American aircraft via Google Earth.

    The futuristic-looking anomaly was discovered sitting outside of a Florida building said to belong to aerospace company Pratt & Whitney.

    Given the exotic appearance of the oddity combined with its location, conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest that the find could be some kind of test craft yet-to-be-revealed to the public.

    Similarities to an unmanned combat air vehicle known as the X-47B have led some to speculate that it could be the next generation of that craft.

    But not everyone is convinced that the discovery is a clandestine aircraft, with skeptical observers proposing that it may just be a model used for radar testing or, even more prosaically, a speedboat.

    Considering the government's propensity for wanting to keep a lid of the development of secret aircraft, these possibilities seem to be more realistic options.

    Otherwise, one would have to assume that someone from the aerospace company made a huge mistake by leaving their secret aircraft outside for all the world to see.

    Should the view of the facility suddenly be replaced by a giant block of opaque pixels on the next Google flyby, the conspiratorial conclusion of anomaly hunters may need to be revisited.

    Source: Express
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    Looks like a Star Trek space shuttle.
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